What comes to mind when you think of African fashion? The dashiki and Senegalese Kaftan of Sahelian Africa or the Kanzu and Kanga of Eastern Africa? The Madiba or safari shirts of Southern Africa or the Agbada and Kente of western Africa? You are right, those are key pieces of Africa’s region but African fashion goes beyond the clothes.

It’s about colours, ideas, passion, innovation and fun! It’s the past, present and future all elegantly draped on our skin. It’s the rhythm of Africa’s unconquerable heart luring you to live brighter, dance harder, and soar higher!

GTBank Fashion Weekend keys into the strength and beauty of African fashion with a film titled: ‘Fashion Timeline‘. The short film celebrates the colourful aesthetics of African attires from the past to present through models wearing style staples like Adire and Iro and Buba in scenes out of the seventies and eighties transitioning into the present without losing the key ingredient in African fashion uniqueness.

The film upholds the dynamics of African fashion, from its magnificent past to its promising future.