ADM projects, a sustainable label founded by artistic director Ebele Udoh Grant-Ezeronye, has just released its Spring/Summer 2022 wearable art collection. The brand seeks to empower artists and artisans through art, innovated into clothing. At the core of ADM projects, is the improvement of living, of the very talented African artists we work with by exposing their work to the world.

The new collection, which symbolizes ‘The Glorious Woman: A Woman Adorned With The Sun, The Moon and The Stars”, is a capsule of robes, shorts, kimonos, with matching headpieces, all featuring eye-catching artwork, highlighting the work of the artist Dimeji A.

Each piece is a unique marriage of art, culture, and style.

See the collection here.


Creative Direction: @ebeleudoh
Digital Artist: @kayveeoh
Handpainted Artist: Dimeji A.