Beauty YouTuber Adanna Madueke, just shared a new hair tutorial on her channel, in this episode, she talks about how she achieves a simple and minimal manipulation protective hairstyle for her short 4C hair, the need to moisturize the hair, her go-to wash day routine, and how she prevents split ends and much more.

On her channel, she shared:

Hey loves, In today’s video, I show you all how to achieve this Simple Protective Hairstyle and its Low Manipulation For short 4C Natural Hair. If you are looking for a great wash day hairstyle too! I gotcha with this simple low manipulation protective hairstyle . I hope you all enjoy this tutorial on how to achieve this simple protective hairstyle on Short 4C Natural Hair. If it was helpful, please don’t forget to give me a big thumbs up, comment, share and subscribe. LOVE YOU!

PRODUCTS USED: 1. Hair comb 2. Butterfly clamps 3. Shea butter mix 4. Eden body works peppermint and tea tree oil 5. Elastic band 6. 1/2 pack of Marley’s hair in colour 1B

Watch the full video below!