Adanna Madueke is has shared a new hair tutorial on her channel. In today’s video, the beauty enthusiast shows us how she uses the rubber band technique to part her hair for braids and twists.

She wrote:

Today’s video is a detailed DIY Parting Tutorial where I show you how to part your own hair using the Rubberband method for Box Braids, Twists, etc. I know some of us struggle with parting our natural hair by ourself for box braids, Twist and the rest of the other protective styles but I hope I was able to help with this rubber band parts for your protective styles. It also took me (1 hour 30 minutes) to achieve this parts using rubber bands. I am also going for a Jumbo Hairstyle, hence, my parts are jumbo in size. Hope this video on how to part your own hair via me showing you how I part my hair is helpful.