The Tantalizing Confidence Queen has gone full-time with No Ordinary Noire and it’s needless to say she ain’t playing. Achieng Agutu was spotted in Dubai, exploring some of the city’s most iconic monuments and attending its coolest event.

Born and raised in Kenya, 26-year-old Achieng Agutu founded the brand No Ordinary Noire in 2016 with a commitment to celebrating inclusion and diversity by showcasing the beauty of different cultures.

In 2021, she graduated from business school with a master’s degree in Marketing & Business Analytics. 2022 was her first full calendar year working as a full-time influencer on social media. Achieng has come a long way as a lifestyle and fashion influencer, now earning seven-figure USD.

She started sharing more content on social media in 2020. By January 2021, she had under 100,000 Instagram followers, according to SocialBlade data but she wrapped up her first full-time influencer year (2022) with about 488,000 Instagram followers, and 730,000 total followers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Represented by Digital Brand Architects, a talent agency under the UTA umbrella, Achieng closed 2022 with over $1 million in revenue from brand deals on social media. Insider verified Achieng’s earnings with documentation provided by DBA.

Scroll on and swipe to see how a successful African influencer takes the city of gold in style: