Ah, Puff Puff, the beloved Nigerian delight, similar to a doughnut but not quite, with a perfect harmony of lightness and density, an interplay between flakiness and chewiness. This iconic ringless treat, long reigning as the ultimate street food staple, has undergone a captivating transformation — Gourmet Puff Puff.

If you are currently on any social media platform, you would have seen a fusion of puff puff with a collection of enticing toppings presented in exquisite packaging making rounds. Departing from convention, the pricing will also prompt a moment of pondering while the combinations will raise the question of their essentiality.

Beyond the buzz, if you find yourself yet to indulge in the realm of gourmet puff puff but hold a curiosity to savour these innovative renditions, or if your cravings lean toward the sugary side—imagine cinnamon sugar, decadent drizzled chocolate, Oreos, Biscoff sauce, and biscuit-infused delights—rest assured, you’ve come to the right place.

Below are five gourmet puff puff spots that should be on your radar— You’re Welcome.

The Puff Shack


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The Yellow Plate

Good Mood Food

Chopstix ‘n’ Grill