After the ARISE Fashion Week 2018 shows, BellaNaija Style asked a few BellaStylistas in Lagos about their favourite collections this season and here’s what they had to say.

Favourite Collection: Kenneth Ize

The colours, the fabric, the cut. He had me hooked from the first look. I love that he brings a new perspective to our traditional fabrics. And the moment Imaan Hammam walked out, genius!

Favourite Collections: Mai Atafo, Style Temple, Maxivive, Sunny RoseImad Eduso

Mai Atafo – Mai always brings something new and refreshing to the scene with his collections. Loved the incorporation of the Isi Agu (Lion Head) into most of his pieces which also gave off a youth tonic feel. Making everyone know you can make a bold statement by rocking Isi Agu, still be trendy and it’s not just for the Igbo man. Youth Tonic is a big trend from S/S 18 and you can see his pieces embody this trend from athleisure to velvet to sheer fabrics. Of course his signature bespoke suits and clean traditional attires…perfection at its finest.

Style Temple – If I could wear a Style Temple piece every day for the rest of my life I would. Style Temple always brings a lot of clean cuts and enthralling elegance with very structured pieces. A Style Temple piece represents femininity for me and how I love to express myself through fashion.

Maxivive – This might actually be a shocking third to my list but I loved Maxivive’s collection for different reasons. His collections always have the “wow/huh” factor every time, leaving you wondering what exactly you are experiencing. Papa Oyeyemi as a designer is never afraid to push the fashion boundaries regardless of what anyone thinks. I love the individuality from his collection. He stands out and always leaves a lasting impression… I know I am still humming to “Glistening” now.

Sunny Rose – I absolutely loved their pieces as they were inspiring for me. Kinship is a hot trend for this year, which involves a lot of clashing of prints and pinstripes and the Sunny Rose collection personified this. The collection shows best how to combine pieces from different realms that you think will not ordinarily go together but shows how you can make them work to perfection. I particularly loved the explosion of stripes, prints and frills on the runway.

Imad Eduso – The pieces were very futuristic. The perfect blend of athleisure, satin and edginess. Wearing any of those pieces will make you feel like a badass sultry superhero. Every woman needs to feel this way.


Favourite Collections: Quitera & George, Bridget Awosika & Funke Adepoju

Quiteria & George, I’m truly a princess on the inside and the dresses were breathtaking, I imagined myself in a few of the pieces particularly the one on Uju Marshall strutting in my castle.

However I couldn’t get my eyes off Bridget Awosika – she stayed true to her brand with the clean cuts and immense sophistication. I particularly adored the black jacket with the edgy shoulders.

Finally Funke Adepoju. Her collection was so sultry and feminine. I liked how cohesive the collection was and can’t wait to shop it

Favourite Collections: Ré Lagos, Tokyo James, Quiteria & George

Ré Lagos – Because, Asooke has never looked this funky and fresh before…

Tokyo James – Tokyo’s presentation of his simple, classy yet fresh collection in soft tones and edgy choice of fabric made me want every piece from the womenswear in my closet, including most of the menswear.

Quiteria & George – I’m not one to go that voluminous but Quitera & George’s bust of colours, dramatic use of tulle, sheer and excessive embellishments blew my mind.

Favourite Collections: Colrs, Ré LagosSunny Rose

I am a big aficionado of street/urban wear and I feel there was a wearable edge with Colrs collection. It was definitely inspired by youth and street culture. Graffiti jackets, jumpsuits in bright colours with pictures sewn on as appliqués… The collection was made with cool kids and ravers in mind. It’s not for everybody but it is pretty much on trend

Ré for me is the flower child that blossomed into a strong adult. The collection was beautiful with a complex minimalism that one could say is the aesthetic of the brand. This makes her pieces look effortless on the runway albeit the intricacy of each piece. It’s more or less an updated bohemian vibe with an African DNA.

Sunny Rose gave me Afrique Magnifique vibes. It propelled me to the streets of Paris with the black and white ensembles. The collection was vibrant, chic and sexy.