Braids are the most versatile protective style you can wear. They’re fun and playful and save your hair from over-manipulation. Whether you want to let your braided locks flow down or put them in an updo, braids are the perfect way to give natural hair some added flair.

If you need help styling your new braids, have no fear: Here are 24 ways to style braids this season, courtesy of beauty vlogger Fola Hontas.

She wrote on her channel:

I’m back again to show y’all that braid hairstyles are just as elegant as straight hair, wigs, or weaves! These are a culmination and curation of hairstyles you may have seen before whether on wigs/weaves, TikTok viral videos, Pinterest, the 90s/00s, or my own idea.

Once again, of course, you can try these on knotless braids, faux locs, butterfly locs, Marley or Senegalese twists etc. I hope it inspires you to show off and show out for ANY occasion (birthdays, vacations, weddings, back to school etc). Be sure to tag me if you re-create them so I can share!