Nok by Alara tapped Dénola Grey and Falana to curate a limited edition cocktail menu that’s come just in time for the holidays. This Christmas season, they present to you their “12 Cocktails of Christmas“. a selection of tastes and smells combined to provide the merriest of vibes for a limited time only. Falana and Dénola are both style icons in their own right, constantly at the forefront of what’s African, stylish and fabulous.

Naturally, our stars have collided to create this unique yuletide experience. Here are their thoughts on Christmas & Cocktails of choice:


December in Lagos has always been the most intensely magical time of the year for me. Through the years, right from the age of 16, to my very early twenties (party and club hopping, hoping to find what my best friend and I termed the “Hot December Romance”), I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed the nightlife during Christmas. It has consistently given me some of the best nights of my life so far.

Creating this menu with Nok was something I didn’t know my I needed until I started working on it. I’ve spent numerous good nights at Nok celebrating the music, style, and flavours. Putting a bit of myself into that vibe has been pretty epic. I pulled a lot of my inspiration for these cocktails by visualizing, in anticipation, the different tastes that each up-coming, event, gathering, date, meaningful connection and vibe would taste like this Christmas. All the cocktails we came up with are so neat and have been tried, tested and tweaked by us, ensuring it’s uniqueness. So cheers to YOU, in advance, for having a drink with us.

I know you’re dying to know what a “Hot December Romance” is, so here it goes – Hot December Romance: a Lagos December goal. 3 weeks of flirting with no promises made, dates, cozying up to a crush, group hangs and the eventual goodbye as everyone goes back to school or their lives relatively unscathed; emotionally speaking. I was never successful in indulging in one, but there’s hope for you yet! Happy Holidays!

Steamy December Romance

(Mexican Hot Chocolate) – Hot chocolate, cayenne pepper, coffee patron whipped cream and chocolate syrup garnish.


Fa la la la la is a combination of just some of my favorite things for Christmas: White chocolate and Champagne. I never overdo it on drinks at Christmas Parties, but I love, love, LOVE chocolate in any form and flavor! So you definitely cannot go wrong with a chilled glass of champagne with a sweet chocolaty twist. It was such a pleasure experimenting, and imagining this fun list of drinks for you and yours! Come celebrate with love and laughter surrounded by friends and family! There is something for everyone! I wish you a Love and Light filled Holiday Season! Cheers!

See more of the cocktails they created below: