Every woman loves shoes! Most women have at least 10 pairs that they wear regularly. Amongst these are slippers, sneakers, flats, high heels, sandals and so on, but keeping them organised can be a problem.

There are many methods and ideas that can look great and effective at keeping your shoes neat and tidy. Here are 10 clever and easy ways to organise your shoes:

Keep Your Shoes Off The Floor
When your shoes are off the floor, it makes them easier to find than when they are stacked up on the floor.

Sort Shoes Into Categories
Before you start implementing any new shoe storage scheme, first, divide your shoes into two categories e.g. the shoes you wear all the time and the shoes you wear occasionally, this gives you an idea of where to look when you want to wear your shoes.

Use Clear Shoe Boxes With Lids
It’s difficult to pick out clothes and accessories when you don’t know what you’re looking for, same goes for shoes. If you’re using shoe storage bins or boxes, go for the see-through ones or try the next tip.

Label Your Shoe Boxes
If you don’t happen to have clear or see-through shoe boxes then don’t fret! Simply, take pictures of your shoes, print and put them on the boxes, this way you would know where you store your flats, high heels, slippers and you can also label them according to colours, styles, and design.

Store High Heels At The Top Of Your Wardrobe
High heels don’t usually fit easily into the shoe slot in an organiser due to the height, always store them at the top of your wardrobe.

Store Flats, Sandals, And Slip-Ons In Over-The-Door Organisers
Shoe organisers that hang over the door can be lifesavers, particularly for lightweight casual shoes, since you can bunch an entire pair into one slot.

Store Boots Upright With Newspapers
If you happen to own and wear boots, then you know that boots tend to flip over and take up a lot of space due to their height. To keep them in shape, use rolled-up newspapers or magazines, or even plastic bottles to keep them upright

Your Bookshelf Can Also Serve As A Shoe Rack
Bookshelves are great ideas to keep your shoe collection tidy. Simply organise them neatly on the shelf in your bedroom.

Use Curtain Rods To Hang Your Shoes
Curtain rods are also a good idea to organise your shoes neatly; hook the shoes with the rod to leave your shoes dangling

Store Sneakers In Shoe Baskets
Because sneakers are athletic by nature, and they are not usually worn every day, they can be stored separately in a shoe basket or an ottoman.

CreditsGiada Buccarella | Dreamstime, Sigoja