Lagos Fashion Week begins its “Woven Threads II: Moving Circles” today. The virtual activations will explore distinct textile craftsmanship and its use of embroidery, weaving, spinning, and customization.

Lagos Fashion Week and Style House Files will present Iamisigo, Awa Meité, Nkwo, Emmy Kasbit, Pepper Row, Bloke among others at Woven Threads. These designers’ works highlight the link between the future of fashion and the preservation of textile craftsmanship across the continent as a foundation for cultural and socio-economic sustainability.

This Is Us shares a documentary short on their latest research project and textile discovery, the Ukara Cloth from Ebonyi state. Indigo as dye comes from at least 800 species of the leguminous Indigofera plant, 600 of which are found in Africa and harvested in September.

Founded on a natural indigo dyeing practice that is indigenous to the people of southeast Nigeria and local craftsmanship developed over centuries in the Ezillo community, Ukara cloth is a perfect example of the timeless sustainable practices that abound in our cultural heritage.