For his Met Gala debut, fashion influencer Wisdom Kaye delivered a hauntingly beautiful interpretation of The Garden Of Time theme. The Nigerian-American donned a masterpiece from fashion designer, Robert Wun. It wasn’t about blooming florals, but rather the decay that accompanies time.


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Kaye donned a voluminous, crimson ensemble crafted to appear aged and worn, with frayed edges and hints of a darker shade peeking through. Like a wilting rose, its vibrant colour gives way to a deeper hue.

Inspired by the romantic aspect of the colour red, and telling a story of decay through time.

The full red look using techniques in burning, hand printing and painting to encapsulate the natural flaws and the darkening of the red colour in rose petals as it ages and withers.

Robert Wun

The breathtaking enormous, single rose cascading on the front of the dress and the matching millinery that Wisdom paired with his outfit elevated the look.


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Kaye’s look was a masterclass in visual storytelling through fashion. The illusion of decay crafted on the fabric, the hat and the single rose all spoke to the impermanence of beauty and the inevitable hand of time on all things, even the most magnificent blooms.

It was a refreshingly unique take on the theme, proving that fashion can be a powerful tool for artistic expression. Swipe through the carousel below to see more of him: