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While a lot of people may have embraced locs in faux fashion, the earlier and natural process is to neglect the hair, without combing or brushing – leaving it to transition and fully “loc” on its own.

Apart from the neglect method another way to loc the hair is by taking off all your hair completely with the big chop. You can then leave your hair to its own devices.

Well faux or real, growing twisted, matted ropes of hair takes time, dedication, and patience but the payoff is well worth it- allow us prove it to you.

“To say I loved the final outcome (after the big chop), would be an understatement, I was super excited, I felt so good, so pretty, so sexy, so powerful. I got different reactions, some people started calling me a model, some went as far as calling me Warebi Martha just because she also had short dreads and she was a supermodel. I loved the compliment though,” says Maryanne Alabi, an ardent lover of locs.

Photo Credit: @mayreejay

“Twelve years down the line, I’m still dreaded, loving and living this dreaded life and now everywhere I go people want to touch my hair, they want to know my story, they want my hair, some want to buy it, lol. Some do not even believe it’s my real hair… talk about the story of my hair life.”

The Fashion Stylist loc’ed her natural hair in 2005 and has since then been rocking it as part of her style identity. There is, after all, a much-needed uptick in the mainstream representation of the natural hair movement like her diverse protective style for hair texture using locs.

One of the major advantages of the style is that it is much easier to maintain than free natural hair. In fact, locs are a great escape from spending hours on “wash day” or wondering how next to style your hair. An added bonus is the fact that it exudes a striking/daring look for the wearer.

Also, think about it – they really never go out of style and are super economical when it comes to maintenance and products used.

Doubt me? Some of the most stylish celebrities including Dakore Egbuson Akande, Pearl Thusi and even Zendaya and Rihanna (in Ocean’s 8) have been spotted rocking locs – both faux and real. It is such a fashion statement!

@pearlthusi photographed by @sipsip_tv

Convinced? There are some hairstyles will give you the appearance of locs like faux locs, if you are ready to fully transition yet, you can achieve the look with Darling‘s Marley Twists, Hawana twists, Chick Boom or Mambo Twists.