Hi #BellaStylistas!

Once again, we have great tips to help you put your best foot forward this week. Now, we draw inspiration from Lagos based model and fashion content creator, Larry Hector, known for his eclectic and refreshing take on men’s style.

To give you a taste of his aesthetic, we’ve curated some of the best looks on his Instagram page to inspire your week. Keep scrolling for a new dose of the week in style.


Never too early in the week to own every you room walk into with a bold-coloured power suit.



Cure your post-Monday blues with this sleek blue fit.



Looking suave in an all-black ensemble never hurt anybody!



It literally does not get any more dapper than the look Larry is sporting below. It would work for any day of the week really.



The pop of vibrant orange accessories takes the whole look to a new level of freshness!



This sun yellow fit is sure to spice up your next date or weekend outing of your choice. 



Got an exclusive event or occasion coming up? Kindly take notes to amp up your high fashion scores.