Jennifer Oseh knows a thing or two about looking super stylish, she is one #BellaStylista who isn’t afraid to mix the boldest of colours together, always looking insanely chic in bright colour combos without ever going overboard or doing the most.

We can’t fault her fashion choices and we simply can not get over it.

If you are seeking inspiration on dressing up for the week, look no further, we have carefully curated seven stellar fits for the week using Jennifer as a style guide.


Step into the new week looking super fly in this electric purple suit like Jennifer has on.


This lime suit hat combo is giving everything it needs to give! Why don’t you give it a go?


Cause #BellaStylistas wear gorgeous pink shades on Wednesdays! And that’s on?


This stunning power suit is sure to turn heads at work.


From work to meetings, and exclusive events, there is no stopping any baddie that shows up looking like this.


This shirt dress is everything and more as we can not think of a weekend event you can not appear in it.


We know you are not Jesus, but if you show up in church like this, you just might save the day.