I usually don’t like to use the word “trends” as it evokes the idea of something transient and fleeting which I consciously disassociate my work from; this is one of the reasons we find it hard to do events décor as it all comes down in a matter of hours…anyway, I digress.

Trends in interior design have a way of coming in the door as a temporary visitor but then if you truly fall in love then you can keep them as a long-term houseguest (see what I did there?)

Here are a few of the ones I already have my eye on as of the first quarter of this year:

Bold Colours: It seems Pantone’s 2018 pick of ultraviolet (a very strong purple) has been seen as something of a licence for even wilder colour choices. Designers are ready to boldly go where some colours have never gone before by making very brave choices on walls, ceilings and furniture pieces. Think daring blues, emerald green and ultraviolet of course.

Fabrics and textures: The focus is returning also to texture, texture, texture. Fabrics are more than just a source of colour but the interesting texture and sometimes come with amazing stories to boot. Plush velvets take their place next to contrasting mudcloth which is a handmade Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud (mudcloth has an important place in traditional Malian culture).

Black: Having talked about bold colours, black surfaces are coming in for a strong look-in this year and bringing all the moody drama with them. Play with the surface textures where this powerful non-colour shows up as well: matte floor surfaces; glossy wall tiles; textured wallpaper…as with all colours, it reads differently on different surfaces/finishes. Using black wood panelling on walls or black marble in your kitchen would be a way of using two other trends at the same time: how’s that for scoring design points?

Credit: Neffiwalker

Statement Ceilings: It seems the only way is up for ceilings at the moment. No longer a surface to be ignored or just white-washed, ceilings are increasingly becoming an opportunity to make a design statement and change the vantage point. Think colour, pattern or interesting design detail and don’t overlook any chance to introduce a stunning light-fitting. Forget the feature wall and look up at the feature ceiling!

Dramatic Marble: Whilst Carrara will always have a place in many hearts, conspicuous marble is apparently “in”. Marble with high contrast bold veining is making quite a statement as is (previously mentioned) black. Stunning marble is making an appearance in not just the usual bathrooms and kitchens but in staircases, furniture and accessories as well. This trend is one to watch as it’ll probably be going strong for years to come.

In general, it seems there is a move towards opulent colours, deeper hues, luxurious details and richer textures. Depth, luxury, elegance seem to be the way forward. Individuality is also becoming increasingly important: people want their homes to speak of their personality and their personal brand. In the age of social media and the power of the “influencer”, individuality is the USP going forward! Perhaps I’ll write a separate piece about this very soon…