The spectacular finale of VVS Lagos 2023 marked an unforgettable moment on Saturday, 15th July 2023, showcasing the seamless fusion of fashion, technology, and art in its 2nd edition. The event, themed Optimizing Technology for African Art and Design, saw the convergence of eminent figures from these domains, making it a truly extraordinary occasion.

VVS Lagos 2023 showcased the latest collections from some of the most radical names in Nigerian Fashion, including I.N OfficialTJ WhoFruchè and Hertunba.

The display served as a testament to the ongoing significance of African Fashion and its promising trajectory towards emerging as a prominent force on a global stage. An exciting designer to open was the VVS Lagos Next Designer Star: The Keeper of The Wardrobe selected from over 20 applicants breaking into the world of fashion from VVS’ open designer call. The collections from the designers showcased a wide range of styles and themes, from bold and colourful to sleek, minimalist designs.

Scroll to see the full runway show below.