Vicnate made a striking debut with its newest collection, N°6, under the captivating theme of ‘SISI GIRL,’ showcased at the renowned Alára Lagos luxury concept store. This collection, featuring 15 demi-couture pieces, is a testament to feminine sophistication, accentuating daring silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

According to the Founder and Creative Director, Victor Anate:

I was inspired by the lives of Southern Nigerian women who defy traditional expectations. Each piece has a certain unapologetic confidence which is my celebration of the VICNATE woman.

Victor’s signature silhouettes took centre stage, as models confidently graced the runway in elegantly draped gowns, eye-catching metallic cocktail dresses, and bold ensembles.

See every look from the runway below.


Photography: @adedamola_op