“Ready For Retail,” a Vane Style Initiative spearheaded by founder Veronica Ebie, is dedicated to effortlessly connecting the worlds of runway and retail, ensuring designer pieces are easily accessible to consumers. This vision came to life on October 31st, as the brand marked the official launch with an enchanting presentation of a collection by the acclaimed Nigerian designer Odio Mimonet. The initiative’s primary objective is to support brands in creating retail collections that not only exemplify their distinct aesthetic but also align seamlessly with their customers’ lifestyles.

For an in-depth look into the Ready For Retail initiative, we delved into a conversation with Veronica Ebie and Odio Mimonet.

BNS: How did the collaboration between Vane Style and Odio Mimonet come about for this event? 

Veronica: Vane Style wanted to work with a designer who was strong creatively and aesthetically. Odio was perfect. She is an exceptionally Creative Designer with great talent, and our clients respond well to her pieces in our store. Odio and I have a great working relationship, and it’s always a pleasure to work with her. 

BNS: How did you see this collaboration with Vane Style and the event benefiting emerging and established designers in Nigeria?

Odio: It is an exceptional platform for emerging designers because it allows them to spread their reach and growing community. For established designers, it helps the consumers see the brand as more approachable and aligned. Despite Odio Mimonet starting as a couture brand, Vane Style has helped the brand become more adaptable with our RTW pieces for everyday needs.

BNS: What do you hope this event will achieve in terms of promoting and supporting designers and established fashion houses? 

Veronica: With this event, we hope that it opens the doors and creates opportunities for global partnerships in retail, especially for the West African Designers that have an African Narrative but also a Global Story to tell. This event is also really the launch of our Ready for Retail Initiative. We plan to work with Designers to prepare them for global retail.

BNS: What advice would you offer to upcoming designers who aspire to make a mark in the fashion industry?

Odio: I would say to believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and never give up on them. Let go of the ego and work tirelessly. It will all come together in the end.

BNS: Could you share some insights into the selection process for the emerging designers featured in the Vane Store? 

Veronica: We are looking for talented designers who can represent Africa on a global level. We are looking for designers who have strong brand aesthetics and an interesting story to tell. We then help guide and work with the designers to create a more relatable and commercially appealing range. Our job is to help designers to be globally ‘Ready For Retail’.

BNS: In what ways did Nigerian fashion and design influence your work and creativity?

Odio: Odio Mimonet is proudly Nigerian, situated in Nigeria, understands the beauty of our culture and is a self-appointed custodian of Nigeria culture. Hence, Nigerian culture has always had an influence both in colour, textures, and designs. The Odio Mimonet woman is always a fusion of the well-traveled woman with a worldwide culture and our Nigerian heritage. We celebrate our heritage always.

BNS: In your opinion, what distinguishes Odio Mimonet as a seasoned designer in the Nigerian Fashion Industry?

Veronica: Odio cultivates an aura of mystery in her aesthetic that comes from an elevated skillset. She is beautifully able to express her boldest fantasies through her pieces. 

BNS: As a seasoned designer, what trends or innovations did you find most exciting in today’s fashion?

Odio: The malleability of fabrics, which technology of today offers. Fabrics gotten organically can be manipulated for everyday wear. This is one great feat technology has offered the fashion world.