Lent is here and there are lots of good reasons for giving up something you love until Easter Sunday, 40 days of abstinence many take a lot of willpower but what a great opportunity to nix a bad habit, like chocolate or cigarettes and prove to yourself you can do it. I asked my followers for some things they would be giving up this year. And they said alcohol, french fries, sex (oh boy), chocolate and so on. Some people are fasting during weekdays. It’s not easy.

Check out Model and fitness enthusiast Anita Nneka Jones’s @anjonesss hilarious video on giving up French fries for Lent.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I could give up for Lent. At the last minute, inspiration came from a girlfriend who said she was giving up stalking someone on social media for Lent. Fellow social media stalkers I’m sure you can sympathise with her plight. It reminded me that aside from food and lifestyle changes there are other things you can give up for Lent. So this year and for the remaining 40 days, I present an alternative giving up list. I will definitely be giving these up and challenge you to do likewise.

Give Up Shade

Shade is not very Christian. Others may not know what you are doing, but Jesus knows what you mean when you say ‘Who gon’ check me Boo’ and he doesn’t like it.

Give Up Ghosting

You should not rely on the blocking mechanism to manage your social life. Be like those born before Instagram. Have mature conversations with people about why you no longer want to talk to them, be around them or see their smug faces in your contacts list.

Give Up Comparisons

For this time period promise yourself, you will not compare your body, achievements or partner to anybody else and be thankful for what you have. Perhaps you can list your reasons to be grateful every day until Easter Sunday.

Give Up Fear

Challenge yourself to do one thing every day that scares you and see where it takes you. Fearful student Michelle Poler challenged herself to do something every day for 100 days that made her feel uncomfortable or vulnerable, from a bikini wax to riding a mechanical bull. My first challenge will be a call to my mother but see what comes up for you.

Just Give Up Social Media Already!

Easier said than done – let’s not destroy the house built on selfies, but can we have a social media fast? Aren’t there sacred hours during which we can promise not to respond to notifications or perhaps temporarily deactivate one of your social media accounts completely?

If you’re fasting and still working out, remember to stay hydrated and not overdo it.

The Move of the Week this week is the very easy Cross Crawl, which you definitely won’t need to give up.

Good luck and let’s go!