At school we used to do breast pumps and chant “I must, I must increase my bust”. It didn’t work. I’m still under-endowed – especially after breastfeeding two children. Ehen so what now? Boob job? Do I buy the bust of my dreams (or nightmares since about 1 in 3 breast enlargement surgeries result in ‘complications’ – a kind way of saying you are leaking stinking puss, one boob looks like a cube and there’s an ocean of scar tissue)? It’s ok. Let me manage my situation.

There’s no exercise to enlarge your breast sadly although there are exercises you can do to improve the look of your boobs (see my breast tightening Move of the Week below). However, our priority should be healthy breasts. Breast cancer is a frightening disease that ravages women of all ages. It occurs when cells in the breast grow out of control causing lumps or tumours. These are malignant when they start to spread to other areas of the body. Most begin in the duct that carries milk to the nipple or the glands that produce the milk. But a breast cancer diagnosis is not automatically a death sentence. With early detection, surgery or radiation, cancer can be
removed and other types of therapies cancer can be removed.

In Western countries, rates of breast cancer survival are getting better. Although countries in Africa have a lower incidence of breast cancer which is linked to obesity, alcohol use and shorter breastfeeding, the mortality rate after diagnosis is higher across Africa. Women here in Nigeria definitely do not have enough access to screening and treatment because of poverty, poor infrastructure and lack of awareness.

The annual Run for A Cure Africa event will take place on March 10th to raise funds and awareness in the fight against breast cancer. The organizer Mrs Mbanugo who started the event to honour her mother’s fight against the disease says that this event has been on since 2009 and attracts over 1000 participants from both the national and international community. The goal this year is to offer an international standard of care to all women in Nigeria through a diagnostic centre. Participating is a great way to show support or honour a loved one who is or has been battling the disease.

If you are interested in taking part or answering any questions do go to Keep checking your breasts regularly for unusual discharge, changes in shape, rashes or other distortions of the skin. Being well is an active state of mind, not passively thinking it won’t happen to you. Although cancers can have a genetic link, most of the time they are down to environmental factors so keep an active lifestyle, research healthier foods and keep your stress levels down.

Check out the Cobra Lat Pulldown, my Move of the Week to give your breast and back a good workout and remember to keep abreast of your breast!