Your six month body goal re-assessment is looming and if it’s not looking good then you are not alone.  Most of us leave our goals behind by mid February so if you’re looking in the mirror in shock, panicking at the thought of don’t think you’re the only one. 

I know how this feels. That bikini – yes the one you bought to motivate yourself into slimness still doesn’t fit.  You were supposed to look like J-Lo but feel more like Jell-o.  Your tummy was supposed to be runway flat by now, instead it seems to be trying to run away. 

“Expectations are thieves”  said Jada Pinkett in her great new show Red Table Talks.  The blessing in front of you is lost if you keep looking for everything to be picture perfect and getting discouraged when it isn’t.

Yes you can still blast your body and get your goals accomplished, but you should also work on being body positive and accept and enjoy yourself as you are.

The good news is you can do BOTH. Check out this mini how-to guide to blasting your body over the next month for maximum results AND also 5 great tips for body positivity.  The move of the week is great either way. The Side Plank will give you a fair understanding of how fit you are as you struggle to hold the plank for up to 2 minutes and also where your week spots are because you do each side.  Oya what are you waiting for!!!!

Body Blast Guide

  1. 45 minute cardio workouts up to 4 times daily. Try my DANCEFiT classes. More info on @vbwelllife
  2. A seven day juice cleanse. Get your blender out! Try this one from 
  3. It’s time to give up sugary foods AND evening carbs like rice
  4. Don’t forget daily stretches after workouts to elongate muscles and aid muscle recovery
  5. It’s time to start drinking water like your life depends on it.  Two litres daily

Body Positive Tips

  1. Ask yourself would you say that to a friend? If not don’t say it to yourself!
  2. Appreciate all the badass things your bod can do, from hello! walking to full-on twerking upside down.
  3. Remember your weight does not mean you are healthy/unhealthy just by itself so don’t let the scales get you down. They’re not the full story.
  4. Only do exercise/workouts you really enjoy and that make you feel like you’re soaring, not defeated and hiding at the back of the room
  5. Stop posting pictures from 10 years ago or ‘before the baby weight’. Celebrate yourself as you are now, you are beautiful at any size.