Nigerian fashion brand UDIAHGEBI recently unveiled its eighth collection ‘MEA CULPA; The Catholic Inspiration’.

According to the brand’s Creative Director:

Mea Culpa takes inspiration from the 2001 Catholic-influenced secular musical compilation ‘Love, Sensuality, Devotion’ by the German project ‘Enigma.’ I first encountered this compilation during sunny afternoon rides with my father as a teenager. He would tap his fingertips on the steering wheel, nodding to the single ‘Gravity of Love’ on the radio. While he appreciates Catholic vocals, he hesitates about the commitments of organized religion. Enigma allowed him to enjoy the vocals he loved without the obligation to ponder their meanings.

In contrast, my inquisitive nature led me to explore the translation of Love, Sensuality, and Devotion. Within those vocals, I discovered a sense of freedom, liberation, and a dark authenticity. My identity at the time, a doe-eyed Catholic school boy with a hidden vivacious alter ego, heavily influenced my fabric and silhouette choices. I used the typical monochrome prep school uniform as a foundation, adding depth with whispery chiffons, luxurious silks, lush velvets, practical crepes, detachable cotton papal-inspired collars for versatility, and luscious laces.

‘Mea culpa,’ translating directly from Latin to ‘Through my fault’ from a Catholic confession prayer, represents an admission of truth and an exploration of one’s most authentic self. This collection knows no bounds, and I genuinely hope it resonates with those seeking unapologetic authenticity in their self-expression.

See the collection below.



Photography: @praizikechukwu

Models: @daalaoruwari | @alena.cataleya | @oyebambinge

Makeup: @olagreymakeovers

Styling & creative direction: @tsd_studios