…Discover the Tulivu Fragrances Rebirth

Tulivu fragrances relaunched with a release of its newly crafted range. The brand held a soft launch to introduce them to the public.

We all want to make our homes into safe havens, going the extra mile for an added touch of comfort. This is particularly important as increasingly more people spend an extended period of their lives soaking up the warmth of home with the advent of remote work culture post-CoVID-19.

We are getting more intentional about the softness of our feathered pillows, the silky feel of our beddings, the warmth of our candles, and the fragrance of the air around us.

Now, with the rainy season gracing Nigeria, there’s a special allure in transforming personal spaces into warm, tranquil retreats.

Picture the gentle sound of raindrops on the roof, a warm glow from yoir favourite candles, and the air filled with soothing fragrances like that of a freshly brewed coffee or the exotic allure of amber. This is the essence of true warmth that the rebranded Tulivu fragrances provides.

Recently relaunched after undergoing a complete metamorphosis—embracing a chic new logo, elegant packaging, and a stunning redesign; its transformation reflects the dedication to crafting high-quality, sustainable fragrances and creating a fragrance-filled, stylish, and tranquil environment.

Extending beyond just aesthetics; the fragrance signifies a shift towards crafting spaces filled with warmth and intentionality.

See some images from the relaunch below:

Creative lead the Lagos Weekender, Sukanmi
Founder, Tulivu Fragrance Ngozi Enemelah (middle) and family
L-R: Operations Manager Grey, Ugochi; Head of Legal Grey, Ataisi; Head Of Global Marketing Grey, Iheakachi with a guest