The Glam Africa team caught up with Osas Ighodaro, Ini Dima-Okojie, Lala Akindoju, Toni Tones and Ebenezer Eno — who play real estate executive Zuri, fashion designer Tami, lawyer Adesuwa, oil and gas executive Lara and fabulous housewife Ladun respectively — to talk about the Smart Money Woman TV show’s delightful interpretation of friendship, fashion, family and finance on the fashion cover of the magazine’s ‘New Frontiers’ edition.

Check out excerpts from the fashion cover below:

On What They Love About Playing Their Characters And Shooting The Show

Osas: My favorite part about  [playing Zuri] will have to be…I mean that’s not a fair question actually because the whole experience was really my favorite part, having the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented women on screen and behind the scenes and yeah, I think my whole experience was my favorite part.

Lala: ‘ I really loved shooting the show, and being a co-producer on it as well gave me a lot of insight and I grew in my problem solving abilities for sure. My favourite part playing Adesuwa was at the end when she finally found her power.. It just always felt like you know, throughout the story, she had some joy with her friends but her joy was always short lived. But at the end when Soji got arrested and she told his mother off is one of my favorite scenes. So yes that was like my favorite part or favorite moment playing Adesuwa.

Ebenezer:  I enjoyed shooting Ladun’s character immensely! It was difficult at first because like I said; Ladun is extra! So it was difficult to let myself go so that you know Ladun can show up and be her fabulous self.

Ini: What I loved the most was the energy ! Everyone [on set] was there to make it work and there’s nothing more inspiring than that. I mean it was amazing to play Tami and I love the fact that she was a designer and I personally love fashion, so that was a no-brainer.

Toni: My favorite part of shooting was shooting. I loved bringing Lara to life so I had a great time with that. I think the whole cast had a great synergy on set as well so it seemed like a big holiday cause we all had so much fun while we were shooting it didn’t really feel like work.

On Relating to Their Characters

Osas: Uhm, in terms of what Zuri went through financially, a few years back…yeah, I had to learn the hard way, learn how to save, how to budget and I definitely was able to connect well with her in regards to that.

Ini: My best friend is also a designer and her business has gone through ups and downs and even last year she literally had to close down to restructure and you know start again and she’s going to by God’s grace launch at the end of the year so basically I had to just tap into that….She’s my best friend so I literally saw everything that happened and Tami had a similar story so I kind of tapped into that scenario and was able to relate [to the character] in that way.

Eby: Ladun has heart. You know at the center of it all she has heart, she has a really strong spirit and yes they get to see that before the series is over. It doesn’t start out that way but they get to see it as the series unfolds.

On Their Characters Style

Osas: I really loved Zuri’s sense of  style, she’s sophisticated, work savv,  fashionable all through! I loved it, every piece I loved!

Toni: There’s no piece of Lara’s that I wouldn’t wear. I love Lara’s style, Lara is an Oil & Gas executive however she is so stylish, she’s not your around the way Oil and Gas executive, super stylish, super chic, a little bit sexy as well and very classy! I absolutely love her wardrobe, there’s no piece of Lara’s I wouldn’t wear in real life… it’s just that a lot of her pieces were a bit formal because of her job, however  I would wear any of her clothes, I love her style and I got to keep some of her pieces too so heyyyyy!!

Lala: Adesuwa’s style ! I would genuinely rob her closet oh! I don’t think there’s anything Adesuwa wore that I as Lala wouldn’t wear, in fact playing Adesuwa definitely opened my eyes to the possibilities.  For example, Adesuwa wore a lot of pants and suits which I mean.. I started to wear but not as often as Adesuwa would wear them. You almost always saw her in a pair of pant or a suit and that’s something.. I’m like okay Lala can steal this so there’s nothing Adesuwa wore that I wouldn’t wear. I love her style from start to finish.

Ini: I love using fashion to explore and express myself – It’s really an outlet for daily self-expression and I think with Tami’s we are really similar in that way.  I love doing  the red carpet and doing like a  huge dress, like a princess you know? Or some days more sleek and sexy. For me, it’s like, who am I today? And I think Tami is very like that, so it goes without saying her wardrobe was super fun!

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