The vibrant fashion that is inherent in the always bubbling Lagos street style scene saw an upgrade over the past weekend with Arise Fashion Week 2019 which married that vibrancy and rebellious individuality with the glamour that comes with Fashion Week. From the runway to the guests in attendance and the spill over glamour which made its way to social media, the infectious fashion fever made the long Easter weekend all the more enjoyable for everyone. Over the past three days, we witnessed several talented designers showcase their AW19 collection to a crowd of international fashion press, critics, enthusiasts and so much more, ushering us into a new fashion season with new trends to gush and obsess over,

From upgraded classics to a possible new favorite among the edgy fashion crowd, here are the trends that were in high rotation at ARISE Fashion Week 2019 and you would be seeing come this new season:

White Shirt But Make It High Fashion

Mwinda | Photo Credit: @rezebonna

When it comes to the wardrobe basics, the white shirt has always been a winner amongst minimalists and non-minimalists alike. Although the classic white shirt has always been more of a foundational piece of clothing rather than the star of the show, designers like Mwinda, Tzar, NKWO and Loza Maleombho are giving us a new and revitalized take on this classic piece of clothing which doesn’t just bring a look together – like the classic white shirt has been doing – but rather is a look in and of itself.

Modernized Takes On African Fashion


Kenneth Ize | @rezebonna

Maybe less of a new trend and more of a re-establishment of what already is. With brands like WUMAN  BRAND showcasing shift dresses with artfully placed patterns that come together to mirror traditional African art and Kenneth Ize taking the cause even further with color play that could only be African but with a usage of aso-oke to create modern pieces that could only be Kenneth Ize, we can say the bedrock of African fashion still remains albeit being modernized.

Black Is…The New Black

Mwinda | @rezebonna

Every fashion season, a new color which the runway favors and the street accepts – is exalted as the new black and finally, fellow black lovers, it is our season. It seems despite the heat wave, we are currently experiencing  in Nigeria, fashion must go on! From Deola Sagoe to Bridget Awosika to CLAN to Gozel Green to Tokyo James, one couldn’t help but notice that they all shared a love for the impractical colour of the season- black. Especially, black dresses. And honestly, I can’t blame them.

We Going Metallic This Season!

CLAN | @emmanueloyeleke

It seems a new trend that will be a major hit on the fashion block this year is majorly metallic loks and we aren’t mad at it. Especially seeing how designers and brands like CLAN and Mmuso Maxwell and are showing us just how fun and night-time perfect these metallic dresses will be. The vintage feel of these metallic dresses as well as it’s futuristic elements mean it will be a hit amongst the fashion nostalgic Generation Z while also quenching their fashion futurism thirst.

Heads Are Better Adorned

Ituen Basi | @rezebonna

Heads were draped with dramatic and subtle pieces throughout the weekend, these little additions were surprisingly the oomph a lot of the pieces showcased needed and for brands like Ituen Basi who grabbed everyone’s attention with their floral head pieces there were the very-welcome finishing touch the collections showcased needed.

Neon Is Set To Dominate This Season

Torlowei | @rezebonna

When in doubt, throw on a neon dress. or shirt. Or blazer. The three-day extravaganza that was Arise Fashion Week 2019 featured a slew of neon  pieces that reminded us of the versatility of the colour as well as the off-hand and casual elegance that comes with it. Black may be the official colour of this season but we believe that these two colours can and will flourish this new season.