It’s no longer news that the beauty industry has over the years tried to define what black beauty is. From years of media brainwashing of the acceptable Eurocentric ideals of beauty (which still includes lighter-skin, straight long hair, thinner nose and a smaller lip) to top makeup brands that purposefully limit foundation colours or just do not care to include a deeper foundation range and let’s not forget brands that sell bleaching products that push the narrative that lighter is better.

Thankfully, an exciting shift has taken place. African Youtubers are consistently breaking the black beauty stereotypes that have been sold to us over the years. These Youtubers come in different shades and with different facial structures and they’re using their platforms to show there is beauty in diversity.

If you’re seeking inspiration or just looking for honest reviews about hair and beauty products that cater to our needs, look no further because we have you covered. Below is our list for the top 10 African Youtubers using their platform to break the black beauty stereotypes.


Patricia Bright 


Fashion and beauty vlogger Patricia Bright has over 2.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Patricia is a must-follow for her funny fashion hauls and honest beauty reviews. She reveals all the things she’s in love with in beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

Jackie Aina


One of the most followed beauty vloggers in the world, Jackie Aina is known for honest and hilarious reviews, she has continually used her platform to call out brands that produce beauty products that fail to meet the standard. It’s no wonder she has over 3.7 million subscribers eager for her next upload.

Chizi Duru


Top beauty and fashion Youtuber Chizi Duru, has a popular new series on her channel where she reacts to TikTok users who claim to have the 4c hair type, she also uploads makeup tutorials and fashion haul videos that make her subscribers come back for more-and did we mention that she’s hilarious?

Shalom Blac


Beauty vlogger Shalom Blac has one of the most inspiring stories that led her into the beauty industry. The formidable beauty blogger created a niche for herself regardless of the unfortunate event that led to her being severely burned. Her transition from hiding behind makeup to avoid getting bullied in high school to sharing her passion for makeup on her Youtube channel and other social media platforms to inspire people to love themselves regardless of their so-called flaws is one of the many reasons why she’s loved.

Silvia Njoki


This chic Kenyan vlogger is a growing force in the fashion industry, Silvia Njoki may not have millions of views or subscribers, but the fashion influencer is one to watch this year as she consistently churns out premium videos on cooking, travelling and dreadlock care routines.

Shirley B Eniang


If you’re looking for an incredible collection of lookbook videos, travel vlogs and makeup tutorials Shirley B. Eniang is your plug, from premium date night looks and get ready with me videos. We can’t wait to see what she has planned out for this year.

Mihlali Ndamase


South African beauty vlogger Mihlali Ndamase has a plethora of makeup and hair tutorials that come with a heavy dose of chitchat -she’s not afraid to spill beauty secrets – which sets her apart from your regular beauty vlogger.

 Nyama Tang


Nyma Tang is one of the most successful dark-skin beauty influencers on Youtube and she has used her platform over the years to review the darkest shades of products from multiple makeup brands and she goes ahead to highlight the lack of representation for deeper skin tones in the beauty industry.



If you’re looking for that gorgeous face beat and wig inspo, Peakmilll is your girl. The beauty vlogger has tips and tricks that can assure you an elevated look without having to do too much and be rest assured of the slayage on every single upload.

Vanessa Gyimah


US-based Ghanaian beauty vlogger Vanessa Gyimah has numerous makeup tutorials that will leave you speechless and most especially inspired. Her artistry is top-notch and unmatched. From her videos, you’re sure to get the best tips in achieving a flawless glass look with the right makeup products and application, especially for darker-skin.