Slow fashion brand Toomey and Koko, led by Bola Jegede, presented their debut collection at London Fashion Week in collaboration with Fashions Finest and filled the runway with beautiful adire fabrics.

Currently, the brand produces sustainably designed garments from Nigeria and sells them in London, where the creative designer resides.

According to Bola Jegede:

Born in Ile-Ife, the cultural birthplace of the Yoruba people, I grew up watching my mother and grandmother’s generations making their own Adire textiles and was always intrigued by the unique colours, textures and fabrics of my culture.

Having been drawn to creative design from an early age, I spent my childhood drawing, painting and decorating, then started sewing in my teens. I moved to the UK to finish my education and it was here that I began to reimagine the traditional Nigerian fabrics and clothing in modern styles, creating wearable, fashion-forward designs.

My heritage, just like my designs, is a mix of Nigerian and British cultures – and I’m fascinated by how fashion can reflect this unique blend. I’m proud of my African culture and want to share it with others, which is why I founded Toomey & Koko. I hope you love the designs as much as I do.

See the show below.



Brand: @toomeyandkoko