We caught up with the multi-hyphenate Toni Tones pre her red carpet appearance at Lara and the Beat and we also got to chat with the team behind her look – the designer Yemi Shoyemi and makeup artist Serving Faces, they shared all her to go-to makeup moves when she’s headed out to a red carpet. It was awesome! Check out all the deets below.

Photos courtesy of @iamtonitones and @fotolighthouse

BNS: Tell us about her dress

Yemi Shoyemi:(@yemishoyemi)

The dress is inspired by combination of two or more design elements into one.It’s a fusion of the inner wear and outerwear, drapes and structured form. Basically taking 2 different designs and making it one.

I designed it specifically for Toni but it will be a part of our soon to be released, ‘Fusion’ collection.

Photos courtesy of @iamtonitones and @fotolighthouse

BNS:What is one thing Toni always insists on doing herself when getting ready?

Serving Faces (servingfaces_ng)

She must put in that final touch, you know that final touch to make sure everything is perfect. She does the honours every time.

BNS: Any red carpet tricks?

Simple and comfortable.

BNS: Favorite memory from working with Toni.

There are many but my favorite is during the shoot of her “Hey Boy” music video. It was an amazing experience. Toni is generally very passionate about her work and that feeling is contagious. Everyone always ends up emotionally connected to her work. She is also very caring and always makes sure her team is good. She’ll ask almost every hour, have you eaten, should they bring you food? are you tired? do you want to a break to rest? That’s her and I love her for it.

Photos courtesy of @iamtonitones and @fotolighthouse

BNS: How long did it take the team to decide her look for the evening?

About an hour.

BNS: Was your beauty look a collaborative effort between Toni and the team? How did you prep her skin for her makeup?

Yes, we collaborated. To prep the skin, I always make sure to deeply moisturise.

BNS:How long have you been working together?

Four years.

BNS: Can you tell us a little bit about her hair for the night.

For her hair, we went with a chic shoulder lengtH blunt-cut bob to perfectly frame her face.