Nigerian fashion brand Tiffany Amber is taking truly commendable measures this period to support the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this video, Founder of Tiffany Amber Nigeria Limited  Folake Akindele Coker talks about how the brand has, in light of the Corona outbreak in Nigeria, redirected production of fashion items to the production of face masks, hospital gowns, scrubs, medical garments to support the medical sector. The brand is also accommodating and feeding its production staff on site for safety reasons as well as allowing them earn an income during this period.

Folake Akindele Coker

She said:

In the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a dreadful impact on people’s lives and businesses all over the world and the fashion industry was certainly not exempted. Being acutely aware of the challenges our health sector is facing, especially in the area of medical supplies, it only made sense to focus our expertise of garment production on medical garments and cloth masks to help bridge the gap in the supply of medical apparel.

In the middle of March, I took a decision to temporarily redirect our expertise and production capacity, just like many fashion houses globally who have had do the same, and convert production from fashion items to medical garments. By doing so, our staff can still earn an income to be able to support their families and it was also our own way of supporting the medical sector in its fight against COVID-19.

Every single day we make sure that all the staff are adhering to the safety guidelines as recommended by the WHO and Ministry of Health. We accommodate and feed every single production staff on site to make sure they are not exposed to the outside world and they stay safe and well. Tiffany Amber has deployed over 10 tonnes of fabric (raw materials) and my team and I have worked strictly and tirelessly under the recommended safety guidelines to produce and make available these much needed supplies for the hospitals and medical facilities that need them.

We were able to triple our production capacity which has allowed us produce and deliver 10s of thousands of cloth masks, hospital gowns, scrubs, hospital sheets and other medical apparel, with capacity increasing daily. In addition, we are also producing 10,000 face masks to donate to the most vulnerable and though this seems like a tiny gesture in the scheme of everything, we are happy to be able to contribute in our own little way.

When all this is over, I would like Tiffany Amber to be remembered as a brand that cares and a brand that contributed in the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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