Fashion and Beauty influencer Yvonne Victoria just shared her updated skincare routine.


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My Personalised Skincare Routine with Glowhub

AD Every month I get random breakouts which tend to be because I’m approaching my time of the month. These spots leave dark marks on my skin. I recently started testing a new range of products from @glowhubbeauty to see if it would really clear my spots for me and how quickly too.

I started my routine with the Calm & Soothe Gel to Oil Cleanser and I’ve never used anything quite like it. I have oily skin so I was skeptical about using an oil based product but it leaves my skin feeling very moisturised . It’s also very gentle and washes off my skin easily.

I follow with the Purify & Brighten Face Mask Stick, which is a detoxifying clay mask. Unlike other clay masks I’ve used this is very lightweight, and not drying. I’ve only used this twice but I did find it helped with my breakouts.

Purify & Brighten Pore Rescue Lifesaver Pads. I love toning pads because they’re super convenient! I’m always ready to exfoliate to awaken brighter skin. This contains Salicylic Acid so it will help with the blemishes my acne leaves behind.

Purify & Brighten Super Serum is perfect if you have oily skin as this really helps keep it under control. I didn’t notice excess oils on my skin during the day and my skin remained fairly balanced. Another super lightweight product that doesn’t feel like it’s weighing your skin down.

The Zit Zap wand is something special. This product in particular really tackled my spots. It’s super handy and I like the pen design because you can really focus on acne. This contains to salicylic acid.

Calm & Soothe Serum Mist is definitely perfect for additional hydration. Ideally it would be best to use this before moisturising but I like to give myself a spritz after for a bit more glow and to feel refreshed. You can use this after makeup too but I haven’t tried that yet as I try to refrain from cosmetics when I’m dealing with period spots.

This isn’t my daily routine, but my acne has reduced and in some cases gone. ?

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