The #BuyBlack movement has gained momentum in the last  few years, but it has been spurred even further in the last few days with both black and white influencers and predominantly white owned media publications  sharing and updating lists of black owned businesses and creators to follow, in order to spend our money within black communities.

Some prominent black influencers  and tastemakers have come forward with their own lists of brands they have bought from as a way of giving back! Check out some of the lists from Kitan Akinniraye, Ijeoma Kola, Stella Adewunmi and more below!

Stella Adewunmi


In the quest for change, listen without ego or being defensive; learn and educate yourself about racism. Speak out! Don’t be silent! The change begins with you. Listen, learn, and support.
Sharing different ways you can learn and support the black community now and beyond. See a list of ideas on the blog from kids books, movies and organizations to donate {link in bio}

SAVE THIS POST FOR RESOURCE: Tagging black owned businesses to support: Please share more businesses in the comment. Thank you ?? ?

Wearing #blackownedbusiness@imadeduso_ pink top and pants. @lynksdrivers

Monroe Steele



A great way to show support to Black people is to support their businesses and by support I mean, SHOP & PROMOTE them. You can also click the link in my bio to donate to Bail Funds, Memorials as well as sign petitions to help the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Swipe left for a few of my favorite Black Owned Fashion & Accessories Businesses and tap the photo for details. Everything I’m wearing was either made, sold or designed by a Black Woman down to my accessories.

Drop your Black Owned Fashion or Accessories Business below or any of your or your favorites to shop down in the comments. I’ll be doing beauty, lifestyle, creatives and more in the coming days.




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‘I pulled together a short list of black businesses to support in Paris. Thank you guys for sending me your recommendations. Tag or leave a comment with the Parisian black businesses that you support. ??’



‘…Now more than ever it’s so important to support Black-Owned Businesses, Black entrepreneurs, Black artists and Black content creators. The way we choose to spend our money matters! Let’s invest in the Black community ?

Swipe left to see some Black businesses that I love: I included some I’ve supported/worked with in the past and some I plan to work with. Make sure you check them out:
1. @ofuure
2. @kezihair
3. @hanifaofficial
4. @kaicollective
5. @flarehairnaija
6. @andreaiyamah
7. @grass_fields
8. @laquan_smith
9. @melodia_ng
10. @myextensionz
More on my stories!

But don’t stop there. Make it a point to invest in them, recommend their businesses to your friends, collaborate with them and encourage them! I have and will continue to use my platform to amplify, promote, wear, eat at and always support Black owned businesses. I’ll be posting some of the businesses you tag on my stories so let’s gooo!

Nife Akingbe


‘There is a lot going on in the world right now and I want to use my platform to stand with my people ✊?. I spoke about being more intentional about supporting more black designers on my IG stories last Summer. If you’re looking for ways to support black people, I urge you to SHOP BLACK .

Today I’m Sharing 50 Black Owned Businesses to support on my new blog post, from fashion, beauty, home interior and photography industries. I’m also going to tag some below but log on to my site for full list. Link in bio .



Ijeoma Kola


Since the beginning of 2020 I’ve only been buying clothing and accessories from black designers and boutiques. So far I’ve bought from:
and @weardiop
I’m now expanding my #IKBuysBlack effort to beauty and home decor – so all my discretionary spending for the rest of the year will be with black owned businesses. When possible, I plan to buy from retailers rather than directly (I know counterintuitive, but bear with me) – ie buy @nubianskin from ASOS – to prove to major retailers that black owned brands can convert sales just as well as anyone else.
If you’re looking for lists of black owned beauty and fashion brands to shop, @missjulee has a master list for beauty, @notorioustye has a great blog post for fashion, or you can just search #BuyBlack. I’ve seen some non-Black bloggers share lists of black owned businesses they plan to support which is nice and all, but what would be even better would be to highlight the Black writers, creators, and businesses that have been compiling these lists before it became trendy to do so.