Twenty-six year old South African designer Thebe Magugu has once again found himself in the epicenter of the South African youth culture as he continually uses fashion and clothes to start conversation within the continent, as well subvert the perceptions of the South African identity. The designer, who was recently revealed to be one of  the eight finalists of the prestigious LVMH, continues his mission of spearheading the South African youth culture scene as he launches Faculty Press – a publication that will explore and document topical issues and focuses on themes like feminism, LGBTQIA+ rights, sexual and gender identities and so much more.

The launch of the publication is undeniably welcome in this present climate as it aims to present the contemporary South Africa to the international limelight while giving voice and a much-needed platform to members of marginalized communities. This annual inclusive platform, which kicks off with contributors like musician Fela Gucci, photographer Travy Sowen, artist Lady Skollie and singer Desire Marea,  is to serve as an insider window into a mostly undocumented part of South Africa and change the narrative and reveal a fresh image of the country – an image that is joyful, progressive, and complex.

….zine dedicated to capturing key moments, ideas, and thoughts from the emerging voices that engage with and move our cultural landscape forward….

Thebe Magugu said, describing  the project.


The publication is now live with it’s very first issue titled African Studies 2019 out.