The Lagos Lifestyle Enthusiast takes on Chai Tang at Twinwaters. This time around, I decided to write to you while still at the restaurant, because I do not want you tomiss out on this! Your favourite Lagos Lifestyle Enthusiast decided to cement her tour of the restaurants in Twinwaters with a visit to Chai Tang, the premium Chinese restaurant located within the centre. When I tell you that even the air here feels like China, believe that!

Here’s how it all started, after my delightful experience at 788 On The Sea during Restaurant Week, I
knew I had to see if Chai Tang was even better! I have had lots of not-so-great, overpriced Chinese food in Nigeria, so I made sure not to keep my expectations up.

On getting into Chai Tang I literally could not believe my eyes. You guys really need to see this for
yourselves. The décor is so magnificent, and the attention to detail as per Asian style is unmatched!

The curvilinear shapes of the chairs, the perfectly polished floors, the artwork carefully
sprawled against the walls…and the walkway is an actual wooden bridge! Chai Tang is just
breathtakingly beautiful. If there is one restaurant in Lagos I will always remember for its extraordinary
setting, that is Chai Tang.

Taking a break off admiring the wonderful aesthetic, I settled down to my order of prawn and mayo spring rolls for starters, and some delicious seafood fried rice and beef sauce! I have to applaud Chai Tang for a very straightforward menu, which covers a vast selection of oriental dishes. The portions are very generous, and the food is superb! I especially love the spring rolls, which melt in my mouth with every bite. I honestly wish they would not finish.

Now taking another tour of the place, it is huge! If you step out on the terrace overlooking the Atlantic,
the view is to die for. I am also discovering that there are exclusive private dining rooms in the
restaurant, for guests who want to have dinners, parties, engagements and more, with a little more

What I love most about this place is the décor, which is reminiscent of ancient China. With the most
courteous staff I have met, great ambience and a lovely menu, I can confidently say that Chai Tang is set
to be one of the best in fine dining experiences in Nigeria. @chaitang_twinwaters is definitely my
favourite spot of the year. It should be your next stop!