In the September issue of Interview Magazine, Grammy-winning singer Tems joins American rapper Kendrick Lamar for an exclusive interview.

Tems engages in a dialogue with Kendrick, touching upon subjects like music, the pivotal individuals who help her stay grounded, the personal significance of melodies, staying loyal to her artistic vision, the art of songwriting, and her evolution as an R&B artist.

During the conversation, she also reveals her admiration for Celine Dion‘s influence, her desire for her music to consistently evoke certain emotions, the journey of pursuing a unique musical resonance, and an array of other captivating discussions.

Accompanied by captivating visuals from the interview, Tems serves a fiery hair moment with harmonizing makeup that continues to make a lasting impression on our thoughts. Masterminded by Pro Makeup and Fine Artist Esther Edeme, the ensemble comprises of red-tinted brows, a coordinated smoky eye, and a lustrously glossy lip liner combination, all elegantly matched with a feathered top.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On how she got into music:

I was an extreme introvert when I was younger. I didn’t really talk much. My mom’s friends would be like, “Yo, Temi, come take a picture,” and I’d just turn around. I’m not sure when the first time I heard music was, but I found myself loving the radio, and I used to hear Celine Dion. Nigerians love Celine Dion. Her songs are very emotional, jump-off-a-cliff-type songs. They entered my soul. I think that’s where my love for music started.

On how she got into producing and arranging her own music:

When I was in uni I only had songs on the piano and the guitar, I never entered the studio. We didn’t really have access to things like that back home, and I wanted something more. Like, “How do I go to the next level of musicality?” I asked a friend, and they were like, “You need a beat, I’ll get you this producer.” Lots of producers I met back then, it was just Afrobeats, the main genre of Nigeria. Afrobeats is very good, but there’s a frequency I was trying to access that I wasn’t getting from them. The long and short is that I felt like I had to do it myself. Part of it also was, when you struggle to find people that believe in you, you go extra hard.

Read the full interview here.



Photography by @campbelladdy
Styled by @jeanieus
Hair: @louissouvestre
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