BellaNaija Style’s Head of Content Mary Edoro will be speaking today at the Tech Summit Ogun 2022, the leading convergence of tech disruptors, creatives, innovators, startups, organizations, and technology enthusiasts in Ogun State, Nigeria, with this year’s theme: Disruptive Innovation: Production and Distribution of Creative Content. 

According to the Organizers:

In 2020, we collaborated with The Bees Nigeria, a digital agency, and held a virtual conference with a record of 2300 attendees where speakers talked about how to leverage new technology to survive as a startup during the pandemic. In 2019, we hosted 3000+ attendees at our conference. In 2022, we are taking a step ahead to discuss everything on creative content from production to distribution.

In this regard, speakers who have carved their niche in the creative, technology, and public relations industries across Nigeria and beyond have been carefully selected.

Mary Edoro has been identified as one of these professionals and we would like to cordially request that she serves on a panel alongside other notable professionals in sharing her wealth of knowledge during the first-panel session of the second day of the conference on the topic “Transforming Digital Content for the World”.

In this panel, Mary Edoro, joined by Adeshola Ajibare, Tutu Adetunmbi, and May-May Ogoigbe, discuss the topic: Creating Content to Enhance Digital Economy. The discussion will focus on the accelerated transformation of business and organization processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies.

 You can register to attend via