Nigeria-born civil engineer cum celebrity photographer – Tayo Kuku Jr. – has been re-imagining the art of image-making for several years. His images are incredible to behold for a self-taught artist. Largely influenced by his architectural background, Tayo’s unique style involves the creative use of colours, symmetry, and lighting.

Photography for him is a medium through which he explores and celebrates human life and experiences. Via captivating imagery, Tayo Jr. tells compelling visual stories of blackness and black excellence his ethos being “execution at the intersection of passion and purpose”.

Tayo Kuku Jr.

Raised in America, he has used his impeccable skills to highlight black people and black culture. From photographing some of the biggest faces in black entertainment to working with top brands like Nike, KITH, Nasdaq, and Adobe, Tayo Jr. has come a long way. His works have been featured in a variety of publications including Teen Vogue, Forbes, ESSENCE, and BET

Tayo Jr. teams up with the stellar crew at ESSENCE to reintroduce star actress Meagan Good to the world, via her first-ever solo digital cover feature for “of the ESSENCE”. Keep scrolling to see his shots of Meagan:

At 41, Meagan looked absolutely ravishing in her blonde pixie cut, cocoa-lined lips, bold shimmering eyes, and snatched face. Her ever-bright smile and rosy cheeks still as charming as ever.

She rocked every outfit with finesse and an irresistible youthful elegance, switching from a full-length dress to skirts, tube tops, a bomber jacket, jumpsuit and furry long coat. Little wonder ESSENCE said the cover and interview has the team shaken like Harlem. It’s a must-see.

With divorce behind her and a promising path ahead in DC Universe, Meagan is embracing her next chapter. “I get to start life all over again, in my prime.”, “I feel like I fall in a unique space,” she says. Keep scrolling and hit the ▶ button below for some #BTS clips from the cover shoot:


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“Black girls, we don’t get, ‘Let’s hire her now and put her in the gym with a trainer and get her where she needs to be.’ You don’t get to get there and figure it out. You’ve got to come already ready.”

– Meagan Good

Hit the  ▶ button below to watch a sneak peek from her cover interview and go to to read the full cover story.


Words: @be_vic for @essence
Talent: @meagangood
Photo: @tayojr
Styling: @michymilli
Hair: @jasmineashleyofficial
Makeup: @jorge__monroy
Nails: @nailsbyrhayne
Set Design: @alamerefa @arthurxclaude
Photography Direction: @_mq______
Production: @themorrisongroup
Video: DES Productions
Editor: Kevin Cruz @newframeagency