We absolutely love finding new BellaStylistas whose style and content leaves us feeling inspired and while we could hoard all these stylish influencers, content creators and people, we would much rather share it with our BellaStylistas so we can all revel in their style and creativity together. Our pick for this week’s Style Your Curves feature is Kenyan plus-sized fashion blogger and content creator Nyawira Mumenya.

From Ankara shift dresses to shimmery body-con gowns, Nyawira doesn’t her restrict herself nor her style but rather explores different styling options and always finds a way to make it work. Her versatility paired with her inherent bright personality which shines through her posts and is evident with her constant smile makes this BellaStylista a true gem. The blogger uses fashion to champion body positivity and is constantly debunking myths about curvy people especially myths that assume curvy can’t be fashionable.

She sounds awesome, yeah? Scroll through these pictures and see how awesome she truly is.

Photo Credit: @miss_nyawi