We absolutely love coming across new BellaStylistas whose style can inspire to try new outfits or style our old looks differently, so you can imagine our joy when we came across Lala Neriah Tshabalala. This curvy BellaStylista is a true digital gem as everything about her simply leaves you in awe.

From her signature blonde buzz cut, her bright Instagram feed which leaves you smiling and certain you’ll have a great day to her very urban chic style which is so inspiring especially as it is so easy to recreate, Lala Neriah Tshabalala is a true breath of fresh air and stands out easily from the rest of the fashionable crowd.

The self-named queen of “cellulite city” always looks beyond amazing in whatever she wears and constantly proves fashion myths about curvy babes wrong by wearing just about everything and anything as her mood dictates. Her daring style paired with her bright and cheery online persona makes this curvy BellaStylista truly worth your follow.

Don’t believe us? Take a peek at her pictures and see for yourself.

Photo Credit@misscurvylala