With the holidays fast approaching— parties, outings, get together and events. It’s time to decide on a gorgeous and sustainable natural hairstyle for any holiday gatherings you may be attending this season.

Need some ideas? We’ve got you covered. Here are eight stunning natural hairstyles you might want to try for the holidays.

Bantu Knots

Make a bold statement with Bantu knots this holiday season. This hairstyle reduces the risk of excessive manipulation and locks in moisture. You can decide to keep the knots in or take them out to create a Bantu knot out.

Bun it Up

With the busy holiday season, you may need to get your tresses off your shoulders and out of the way. Turn to the bun, a classic look that never goes out of style.


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Pin your afro into a mohawk to create an elegant mohawk updo. This is an impressive and unique style that is sure to turn heads at your next holiday party.

Flat Twist & Curl

The flat twist involves parting hair into cornrowed sections but flat twisting the hair to the scalp and then placing rollers at the ends of the hair.

Allow the hair to set before unravelling them to your desired style. Flat twists give your hair a ton of definition. The curls at the end help to add even more volume to your hair.

Flexi Rods

No heat, no damage! Flexi rods can give you voluminous curls you can rock for any occasion. You can start on stretched hair or create this style on wet hair.

The Classic Afro Puff

When in doubt, opt for a classic Afro puff. If you have the inches to rock this style, go for it. You add an extra oomph to your look with stylish hair clips, scarves, colour, and more!


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Try A Lighter Hue

The festive period is a great time to switch up your look, so why not try a lighter hue? You can either go for a temporary method like colour wax, or you can go for it and have your hair dyed professionally.


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Play Up Your Natural Texture

Fros don’t represent just one look. You always have the option to play up your natural texture. Using a curl-enhancing gel or cream is the best way to play up your coils.