Lagos Fashion Week may be renowned for its stunning runway showcases, but for those with a keen eye, it’s also a stage for the remarkable street fashion that flourishes outside the event venues. We couldn’t wait to unveil the sartorial brilliance on display throughout Lagos Fashion Week. Finding inspiration in the world of high fashion and artistic expression is a quintessential part of the Fashion Week experience.

Naturally, the BellaNaija Style team is your go-to source for live coverage of the latest trends, standout looks, and significant moments (don’t forget to follow us on Instagram using the hashtag #BNSLFW23!). One of our cherished highlights during Fashion Week is the electrifying street style brought to life by the event’s attendees.

Join us as we curate the crème de la crème of street-style looks from Day 1. Keep scrolling to witness the fashion insiders making the streets of Lagos their personal runway!

Photography by @itsboye