Street Culture by Andrew Tabitha is a tribute to the resilience of culture in the face of modernity, proving that the essence of culture can thrive in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

The team embarked on a journey to create a unique collection that honours tradition while embracing the edginess of contemporary fashion and street style, they sought to bridge the gap between the rich cultural heritage of Aso-oke weaving and contemporary fashion. Check out the pieces below:

Get a feel of the pieces in motion, hit the ▶ button below to watch:

Check out this BTS clip from the collection shoot:


Creative direction & photography: @kellystrophq
Styling: @thedoyinshow
Hair: @hairbyriches
MUA: @isi_signature
Jewelry: @shop.raenna
Models: @inaraziha @darchie_1 @marc_steel
For @shopandreewtabitha