Armed with his trademark hat and all the melanin we need, Steven Onoja is in many ways a blessing to our Instagram feeds. This style blogger – who heralded the rise of several other male style bloggers and is your faves’ fave – never fails to deliver in the style department. Regardless of if it is a dapper look complete with a blazer, pants, vest and maybe even a pair of suspenders or just a graphic tee-shirt with pair of jeans, Steven goes all the way when it comes to delivering a look and always leaves us in awe as well as inspired. His versatility is outdone only by his consistency with serving looks. However, what takes the cake for us is his ability to pull together any look and nail it bullseye in a way that only he can.

Over the years, Steven has redefined himself, his style and his brand several times. Each time, coming back better and his style more finessed. And even though we are certain he hasn’t even reached his style peak, we are inclined to believe the looks he is pulling off now are some of his best

To prove our point and to give other stylish gents out there some much-needed style inspiration, we have curated the six looks from Steven Onoja you have to steal right now before summer 2019 comes to an end.

Denim on denim is always a good idea, especially if you are going to go down the same route Steven Onoja did. A denim shirt tucked into a pair of denim pants, leather Chelsea boots, and a hat? A big yes from us over here.

There’s a special place in our hearts for men who approach colorful outfits with boldness and Steven did just that. Mixing the print shirt with a pair of colorful pants was a bold move and one that definitely paid off. We recommend this summer appropriate look!

It’s 2019 and the year of the YeeHaw Agenda, Steven Onoja seemed to casual get on that wave without even doing too much but still nailing it. With a pair of denim pants, a tee-shirt, a leather vest, Chelsea boots, and a wide-brim hat, Steven was a stylish cowboy ready to ride!

We don’t know why it took us this look to try the beret and Ankara suit combo but best believe we will be trying it out soon and we think you should too!

An all-white suit. That’s it. That’s the outfit you need to wow everybody today or tomorrow (Tip: an all-white suit is always a winner).

Steven Onoja’s dapper game is probably unmatched but we need to talk about how he makes dapper fashion look so effortless and this turtleneck x suit look is a perfect example of that.

Photo Credit: @stevenonoja