Beauty guru and Kenyan Bellastylista Joy Kendi has established herself not only as an accomplished digital entrepreneur and beauty aficionado but also as a tastemaker on the continent, so when she shared her new interior decorating triumph via this apartment tour – best believe we couldn’t wait to watch. Thankfully for us, she shared the video on her her Youtube channel!


On her Instagram she said:

It’s finally up🎊🎉😊. The long awaited apartment tour. Talking all about living room and dining room decor details, including all contacts you might need and of course my tricks and hacks on how I set up my space. Tricks and hacks that I feel will be incredibly beneficial to you. 
And of course my biggest tip…SAVINGS ARE EVERYTHING and how @stanchartke has helped me get my finances in check.  Go watch the video and let me know what you think. Direct link in my bio