If you’ve been tuning into the runways or street style, then you know that sneakers are a closet must-have for every style type. You can wear kicks to almost any occasion – and who doesn’t love comfortable shoes?!

Just like a street style star that she is, Stella Uzo of Jadore Fashion blew our minds with her latest girly look switching her thin strap sandals for a cute pair of Vans. Though skirts and sneakers are not the most common combination, she totally makes it work.

The ruffled pinstriped skirt and sporty sneakers make for an interesting contrast. It’s neither too overdressed nor too casual. The colours and ruffles make it the perfect summer look with a hint of playfulness!

Stella said:

Ruffles are one of summer must-have trends and worth trying. They are everywhere including part of neckline, sleeves, covering the hemlines and swimsuits. I have always been a huge fan of ruffle details. They can transform classic and simple pieces into fun and flirty.  Think of ruffles as a statement necklace.

Photo Credit: www.jadore-fashion.com