As simple as skincare can be, it becomes complex sometimes and there are always some misconceptions. Maybe because sometimes we get into it with some ‘background knowledge‘ gotten from unknown or unreliable sources, and never bothered to do some research. Just going with the flow and notions. And these are the issues.  Last week, we discussed 5 common mistakes and clarify a few skincare myths. This week, we continue with the series.

Here are 5 common skincare mistakes you should stop making now.

Photo by Park Street on Unsplash

Over-exfoliating or under-exfoliating

Be it physical or chemical, so many people still get it wrong when it comes to exfoliation. And product labels don’t seem to be helping as most of these exfoliating toners (containing AHAs/BHAs) tell customers that they can use them daily. Exfoliating every day will have your skin’s moisture barrier damaged. It should be done 2 to 3 times weekly.

If you think it’s not so important, so you skip it, please have a rethink. Try to exfoliate at least once a week, using your favorite scrub or exfoliating toner/serum.

Wrong layering of products

Always apply the products with thinner consistency first, before using the thicker ones. It doesn’t matter what active ingredients they contain, what’s important here is your skin being able to absorb the products. Heavier products such as creams and oils will block lighter products such as serums and gels from penetrating the skin.

Improper cleansing 

One word, Double cleansing. When cleansing the face, the idea is to get rid of impurities and debris so that the skin can ‘breathe’. Face wash and cleansers will get rid of the water-based impurities only, so every now and then, you need something to get rid of the oil-based impurities like the sunscreen residual and excess sebum clogging the pores. That’s where oil cleansing comes in. Oil dissolves oil, that’s why this works really well. Get a cleansing balm, oil-infused makeup removers, or non-comedogenic oils to use.

Not doing your research

It’s 2021. You should know what you’re putting on your face/skin. Learn about active ingredients, products, and brands, speak to an expert, make that spa appointment and get that facial treatment. Invest time and money into the largest organ in your body.

Pay attention to your lifestyle

Reduce your stress and get your beauty sleep. Eat healthily and limit junk foods. Do some exercise to get the blood flowing. Drinking and smoking will tell on your skin. Wash your hair, pillowcases, make-up brushes, towels, and keep your immediate surroundings clean. Use sunscreen religiously and reapply every 2-4 hours when you’re out. All these things matter.

There’s so much more to discuss, but I’m glad to have even held your attention up to this point as I fear information overload and don’t want to start to bore you. We’ll continue in subsequent weeks when this comes up again. Till then, take note of these, implement them, and watch your entire skincare game get to a new and better level.

It’s Dr. Millie, and I’m still your skincare coach on Skin And All.

See you next week!