As simple as skincare can be, it becomes complex sometimes and there are always some misconceptions. Maybe because sometimes we get into it with some ‘background knowledge‘ gotten from unknown or unreliable sources, and never bothered to do some research. Just going with the flow and notions. And these are the issues.  Today, we would go over these mistakes and clarify a few things.

Take note of these 5 common mistakes, and make sure you are not guilty of any!

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Not starting with the basics (A simple routine)

It’s all about baby steps. Things normally follow a natural course of progression. Just like you can’t do primary school before nursery school, you can’t start off with complex and advanced products/routines when it comes to skincare. Start small and go from there. Before attempting that 10-step K-beauty routine, try starting with a simple routine where you just wash/cleanse, treat, moisturize, and use SPF.

So, in summary, start with a face wash/cleanser, a serum, a moisturizer, and sunscreen. You can add more products to your routine as you learn more about skincare.

Not knowing your skin type or skin needs

 I believe more and more people are getting aware of this, but there are people that still don’t know their skin type. I’ll discuss this in detail in the coming weeks but click here to have an idea about your skin type

But then, just knowing your skin type isn’t enough. So many factors affect the way your skin is presently faring. So, you might have a normal skin type but your skin might lack moisture and needs hydration. Also, your skin doesn’t have to feel squeaky-clean/dry after washing, and having oily skin doesn’t mean you don’t need a moisturizer.

DIY (kitchen) skincare

Okay, I’m not saying all Do It Yourself skincare products are bad, but if you’re not a chemist, why are you trying to mix chemicals? (Skincare is science, think Chemistry. ALL skincare actives are chemicals. Kill the notion that chemicals are bad. There are good and bad ones).

Another reason to avoid those kitchen counter routines is that most times, it’s hardly done right. Mixing and applying them wrongly, inadequate preservative measures cause bacteria to grow in them, the pH isn’t right, e.t.c. These can lead to even more problems with your skin.

Wrong use of oils and butter

Don’t use them as moisturizers and ‘natural sunscreen’. Over time, I’ve had clients mention a blend of carrier and essential oils as moisturizers and using coconut oil or shea butter as sunscreen. Just, no. In essence, oil has no hydrating properties and can’t moisturize, and neither does coconut oil nor shea butter offer any form of protection from the sun. In fact, coconut oil shouldn’t be applied on the face as it is a comedogenic oil that can clog the pores and cause breakouts.

Buying so many products you don’t really need

Don’t be a skincare product junkie. Not to mention, they can be a bit on the expensive side. You want to make sure you’re spending wisely. Products you buy are supposed to be tailored to the needs of your skin at the moment. You should focus on supplying your skin with what it currently needs, be it hydration, exfoliating, brightening, or anti-oxidants.

Also, improperly using so many at once can make them react badly or become ineffective, as there’re active ingredients that shouldn’t be used together in a routine.

Thanks for reading so far! We continue this series next week, so stay tuned for more.