Emerging Nigerian fashion brand, Sheels Urbane has released a new collection titled ‘bond’. A symbolic collection that celebrates a love relationship between clothes and humans.

Bond is inspired by the motivation to create a deep relationship between people and clothes. Embracing a fresh sense of self-love and confidence with outfits that can be styled in multiple ways and worn for defining moments.

The collection features multiple high-quality fabrics like Damask and Duchess in varying iridescent tones and prints with some pieces embellished in luxury stones.

The brand also released the collection with a symbolic poem:

Are you not fascinated with the Bond

of earth and her sandy garment?

How she graciously clothes herself

with the golden sand dunes for an

occasion as scorching as the desert sun.

Do you not marvel at how the velvet

blue sky drapes a veil of stars,

rearranging the constellation with every gesture.

You could BOND with your outfit,

tapping the energy of earth whilst

clothed in all the shades of brown.

You could create rich memories with

your outfit because you fit into every occasion, simple yet elite.

You could strike a balance between

black and white, ying and yang, you and your outfit.

You could dance under the silver

moon while the stars dim with

jealousy, because the Bond between

you and your cloth aligns the constellation.

You could command the wind and

make the mountains bow as you

create a magical Bond.

See photos from the collection below:

Brand: @sheels.urbane
Poem: Ibrahim Mohammed Jamiu (ink_lunatico)
Models: @thefrenchman__| @teminikan |@ade_daffodil
Makeup: @flawlesstouchbymia
Hair: @hairbyriches
Styling: @fayo_thr
Photography: @lasalvy
Studio: @lasalvystudios