Happy New Year and if like me you have been enjoying all that the Season has to offer, including the fried, the carb-heavy and the alcoholic and bubbly, your skin will definitely benefit from and also thank you forever and a day for a daily dose of serum. For many, serum is a nice-to-have, or for skin care emergencies as the one I am currently having (not one but TWO parry-on-in-the-village spots, which are shining bright, Bethlehem Star styles, on my forehead). However, serum is a next stage product, one that shows you have mastered the A,B,C of Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise and are now ready for the advanced level of loving and looking after the skin you are in. In the instance of Epara, the line I am currently road-testing, and which is available in Alara and online, I am using not one but TWO Serums, one for face and another that is especially formulated for the eye area:

But what are Serums in the first place? And why have they slid into every skincare line like a persistent stalker on your DM? And what’s with those super-tiny bottles they come in and the fact that they are often twice the price (sometimes more) than a jar of moisturiser? The short answer is they are a speedier method for rectifying skin issues. The end. This is because most serums have a higher concentration of the active ingredients found in a moisturiser, which means a little goes an awfully long way. This also explains the price, said miniscule bottles, often supplied as is the case with Epara with a handy pipette, will last you months. Finally, the addition of serums is as much a reflection of the scientific advances in skincare as dermatologists forge new ways to the holy grail of teeny tiny pored, minimally wrinkly,  glowing until our final breath skin. This is not to mean you will look hyper-unreal; laugh lines are allowed, as laugh lines mean you are living or have lived a happy life.

In developing the Epara skincare line, particular care was taken in creating formulations that worked in harmony with black skin and lived up to the brand’s name which in the Ebira language means to ‘cocoon’. Between the stressful lifestyles we lead, the pollution that our skin has to deal with and the age-old challenge of sun damage, there is a lot to tackle. After cleansing, a few drops of the Hydrating Serum are all I need for my face and neck. Note for serum application novices; so as not to waste any of the good stuff, apply with just your first two fingers and use gentle circular motions, dabbing rather than rubbing. A random aside: Some people like to create a dual purpose formulation with serums and add a few drops to their foundation, but I find that defeats the aim of fast-tracking active ingredients into the skin prior to make up, but if you are in a hurry, this works too. One of the active ingredients in both the Epara Hydrating Serum and the Eye Serum is Allantoin, which is found in Comfrey Plant Roots. This wonder-ingredient, helps skin cells grow, and as anyone with an interest in beauty knows, no new skin-cells, zero chance of dewy, youthful skin. It really is that simple.

Comfrey Plant

Other ingredients in the mix include Plankton extract, most commonly found in seaweed and proven to reduce age spots and brighten skin, and no we are not talking in the euphemistic Naija way of brightening AKA Lighten, but actually add luminescence to skin of all shades. The final ingredient which makes all the difference is Hyaloronic Acid which is the Hermes Birkin of an ingredient as it not only has the ability to penetrate the epidermis or top layer of one’s skin but also has legendary anti-ageing properties and gives skin long-term not just for now moisture. As I said, the Hermes Birkin of ingredients – timeless, essential, worth every penny/cent/kobo!

But what of those who have oily skin – surely another layer of product will cause a higher likelihood of breakouts? In the instance with the Epara line not so, the Serums pack such a serious moisture punch that you can leave it at that and maybe mist skin and proceed to make up. What using a serum does do long term, especially a line that is as full as Epara’s with active ingredients is that your skin starts to correct itself a lot more speedily. Which brings me neatly to the minor break out I am experiencing. Because I am using Serums daily (and for the best results one must), my skin balances out quite quickly, even if I have had a season of excesses and merriment. So this year, considering adding serum to your beauty arsenal and watch for awesome results a few weeks in…Go on, add it to your New Year’s Resolutions/ Essential Purchases..https://www.eparaskincare.com/products/?category=Serums