First things first, if you are not following Sade Akinosho on Instagram we need to ask you a few questions like are you living under a rock? Easily one of the most stylish influencers on the g’ram, there are many reasons Sade Akinosho stands out from such a competitive crowd and is an essential on everyone’s Instagram feed.

This style influencer has a very distinct sense of style that is  unique to her, so much so that you can tell an outfit put together by Sade Akinosho without having to see  her face. Maybe it’s how she mixes menswear and womenswear effortlessly, maybe it’s just something inherent in her,  whatever it is,  Sade definitely knows her style onions.

Here are five reasons Sade Akinosho is a true Bellastylista.

Her Eye Catching Use of Colour  


We are inclined to believe that her style game is innate because of how she puts together colour in her outfits. The colours featured are always well-balanced .

Her Ability To Make Black Exciting

Is black always in? Yes! Is black sometimes boring on certain people? Also, yes. But never on Sade Akinosho who manages to add all the spice you need in an all-black outfit to be bomb and utterly stunning and she does this consistently.

The Way She Manages To Nail Dapper Fashion Better Than The Boys

You would think that being surrounded by fashionable people like Gabriel Akinosho who nails menswear and dapper fashion to a T would leave Sade relegated to the background, however, this is far from the case. Sade doesn’t just stand out from the crowd, she often times leads it . With her ability to nail dapper fashion while still being as feminine as always, Sade gives all the boys  a serious run for their money.

How She Makes Dressing Up Look Fun

Fashion  is serious business but Sade sure knows hot make it look fun! With regular infusions of fun colours and pieces,  Sade is the fashion girl who truly enjoys dressing up and it shows.

The Versatility of Her Style 

Who else can switch from a three-piece suit to a flowy summer dress with so much ease and still look every bit as fashionable both ways? Very few! And Sade Akinosho is in that top 10%.


Credit: @s4de_u